QUENCHING OILS -L-22, M-32, H-68

QUENCHING OILS -L-22, M-32, H-68


“Sprint” Quenching oils are recommended for maintaining quenching operations, hardening of metal components without metallurgical distortion. Production of high precision, high quality products like – bearings, automotive gears, transmission components, steel parts, nuts-bolts, certain types of brake drums, high speed tools etc.


· Good chemical and oxidation stability

· Good thermal properties

· High boiling and flash points, Low volatility

· Non corrosive, non toxic, non-staining

· Excellent wetting and quenching characteristics

· Long service life

PERFORMANCE LEVEL: – IS-2664 – 1980 (Reaffirmed – 1996 )

AVAILABLE PACKS :- 210 L, 110 L, 55 L, 20 L, 10 L, 5 L, 1 L